Royal Joh. Enschede the 320-year-old Dutch printing company specialized in high security banknotes, postage stamps, tax labels, passports and visas, is teaming up with Dutch NFT and Blockchain expert PROxID and the Swiss Concordium layer-1 blockchain with ID-framework to connect physical real world objects with NFTs into the metaverse.

Concordium ecosystem overview 2022

In the above ‘Concordium Ecosystem overview 2022’, PROxID’s valuable collaboration with Royal joh. Enschede is once again highlighted. Apart from the ongoing Crypto stamp project, several projects for valuable collectibles now see the light of day. The basis of these projects is building understandable and customer-friendly bridges between physical world products or whose product needs to be secured against fraud, such as valuable collectibles. Of these, you can claim the so-called ‘digital twin’ or Utility NFT which gives access to the exciting new Web3 universe with numerous new opportunities and possibilities

On-Chain Registration
The so-called Utility NFT is linked to the original real world object with which its authenticity is immutably and irrefutably registered on-chain. The first owner of this NFT can be the producer himself, but also a distributor or the buyer. The first owner and any change of ownership can be registered and tracked on-chain in the smart contract of the Utility NFT.

High secure and compliant blockchain
To link the owner of original real world objects, we use the Concordium Layer-1 regulated blockchain with ID framework. This is the only scientifically proven secure business blockchain in which every transaction can be traced back to the linked verified identity. As a result, in case of court-ordered fraud, the fraudster can always be traced.

Verified Identity
Verified identity takes place when creating the web wallet required for on-chain access. Identity verification is done by an external trusted identity provider (Digital Trust Solutions). This makes Concordium the only GDPR and AML compliant and ideal for reliably registering valuable real world objects.

Digital Trust Solutions – Concordium’ premium partner for ID-verification and system integration

Innovation in secure printing
Through our collaboration with Royal Joh. Enschede – a producer of secure printing and printing innovations for more than 300 years – we are able to apply Augmented Reality to a label, tag or seal, among other things, which brings the world behind e.g. the collector’s object to life in 3D images. Using innovative printing techniques, we can print an NFC or RFID chip on the object’s label, tag or seal, allowing you to read in data about the object using your smartphone. This provides security, confidence and benefits for the entire distribution chain. Such a label, tag or seal or attached certificate of authenticity can be read, but not changed, by the producer, but also by the distributor, trade fair, investor and of course the buyer himself.

From physical to digital into the metaverse and beyond!

PROxID successfully realises NFT and blockchain ‘bridges’ between physical real world objects and the new WEB3 universe. By linking a Utility NFT to any real world object, the owner gains access to the new WEB3 world! Among other things, loyalty programmes, promotions, unique digital art, exclusive content, competitions, etc. can be linked to the NFT. This enriches the consumer world behind the real world object, making it even more valuable! At a later stage, the NFT will also give access to new WEB3 services including the metaverse and beyond; a digital universe where, owners, brands, traders and brand lovers can meet.

International high secure marketplace and community
Every Utility NFT on-chain registered real world object gives access to an international marketplace. This membership or club account gives secure access to a wide range of verified objects. The NFT also gives access to an internalional marketplace where real world objects can be traded safely and securely, as well as to an exclusive community of owners and brand lovers. With exclusive membership, each member gets access to exclusive content, events, travel, merchandise, magazine, etc.

From idea to the market
We would love to get in touch for an introduction to share our Utility NFT plans and ideas. PROxID will be supported technically, financially and with expertise by its partners. To get from idea to market successfully, we can develop ideas into a concrete business case with the help of our partners and show them to the world and a wider investor network through the existing international network of our partners to achieve growth.

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