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PROxID is an innovative fast-growing software development company headquartered in Naarden, the Netherlands. PROxID offers professional blockchain and NFT solutions, Zero Knowledge Proof (ZKP) and Customer Compliance software developed with best-in-class technology. Our solutions and software are applied worldwide in various sectors.

PROxID also specialises in solutions that build trust without compromising data security. The team offers extensive experience and can support the design and creation of customised journeys, features and business logic to help you achieve the highest conversion rates. In addition, the Customer Compliance Portal can be fully white labeled.

The Customer Compliance Portal combines partner Mitek’s proven identity verification solution, Mobile Verify┬«, with PROxID’s deep market knowledge to meet stringent regulatory requirements, simplify implementation and improve results. With one contract, a pre-integrated SaaS platform with ready-to-use user registration workflows, you can have a modern digital onboarding solution up and running within a week, with minimal development requirements. The CCP portal provides global coverage of government IDs and currently supports onboarding for users from over 30 countries.

Benefits of the CCP with Best-in-class document verification and biometric identity proofing:

Automating identity checks saves businesses time, money and resources. Verify your customers remotely with a streamlined onboarding process that reduces friction and combats fraud with:

  • Patented machine learning algorithms for document verification and proof, with access to a highly skilled review team for escalations.
  • Unique image capture science makes it easy for your customers to capture usable images on the first try
  • 92% face match performance
  • Industry-leading passive liveness to detect biometric spoofing attacks; iBeta level 1 and 2 compliant

In addition, the CCP platform provides:

  • Sanction and PEP checks to check names against global watch and sanction lists to keep out high-risk individuals and known money launderers
  • Easy customisation of workflows to best align with your brand and specific customer onboarding requirements
  • Use of progressive identity verification to minimise friction while ensuring appropriate levels of compliance and risk avoidance based on the size of a transaction or access requested
  • The ability to capture additional documents beyond identity documents during the onboarding process. For example, a utility bill as proof of address.
  • A queuing system to handle unexpected peaks in onboarding volume without downtime
  • Open banking APIs for integration with third-party apps

Benefits and Results:

  • Easy deployment for quick implementation
  • Adaptable to unique business needs
  • Accurate, low-friction solution results in highest conversion rates
  • Average onboarding time is less than 3 minutes
  • Biometric vividness improves fraud detection with no extra effort for users
  • Support for government documents in over 190 countries
  • Ability to handle peak traffic without downtime – processing 7k+ customers weekly
  • 90%+ customer conversion rate through document-based IDV

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